ProEZDNC DNC software program for easy RS232 NC file transfer to CNC machines - free 60 day trial.

ProEZDNC is a robust, no-frills, simple and easy to use rs232 remote control dnc software program that allows multi-tasking simultaneous DNC file transfer of up to 64 CNC machine tools and a centralized computer. No more trudging back and forth between your CNC machine and your computer, all file transfers can be done remotely via the CNC controls keypad...
proeznc cnc dnc software for turning milling punching laser plasma edm applications Using this setup, CNC operators can upload and download NC programs without having to leave the CNC controller, and with its large fonts, it is specifically designed for shop-floor personnel...

There are numerous benefits to this setup, not least the time saved walking to and from the CNC, waiting for other NC files to transfer and eliminating the need for messy switchboxes.
ProEZDNC will pay for itself in weeks, no more wasted operator time walking backwards and forwards, searching for files or waiting around for other CNC transfers to finish, and its dead easy to setup too. Can be used with almost any CNC control that can edit programs at the keypad.

You get a 60 day free-trial of our DNC Software, it's a fully functional demo version with absolutely nothing disabled so you can really see how good it is!
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Two way remote control file transfer without the operator leaving the CNC controller

  • the CNC operator no longer has to wander over to the PC to get a file
  • extremely simple syntax enables transfer to a wide range of CNCs
  • file transfer is done by storing small programs in the CNC memory
  • edit these small programs to send/receive different filenames
  • don't be fooled by the low price - it's POWERFUL  !!!
  • try before you buy - order online from the software prices page
  • simple send file, dripfeed file and receive file transfer functions
  • data debug window
  • protocol analyzer - detects your CNC settings
  • included predefined settings for many popular CNC machines
  • supports "manual" DNC - both send & receive transfers
  • password protection to stop unwanted users messing with settings

Simultaneous file transfer of up to 64 CNC's as standard

  • ProEZDNC is available in com 1-128 configuration

Flexible file storage

  • each CNC has its own send/receive directory and file-extension
  • either overwrite the original received file
  • or backup original and create a quarantined received file
  • full support for accessing network files
  • supports direct filenaming - creates folders if doesn't exist

Advanced file transfer features

  • supports up to 64 communication ports simultaneously
  • baud rates 150 to 460800
  • rts/cts and xon/xoff handshaking
  • ASCII and EIA character set support ** Note Mazatrol not supported **
  • send files to CNC
  • receive files off CNC - just dump out the file - One Press
  • receive file off CNC - autoname files - One Press
  • abort DNC Command
  • unrecognized commands stores data away with CNC name and datestamp
  • unrecognized data is NEVER lost.
  • "manual" send & receive to CNC - mix and match with "remote" CNC
  • user definable data packet size - prevents overflow

System requirements

  • at least Pentium II 200mhz, 32mb ram 10mb disk space
  • windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. All 32 & 64 bit versions
  • multi-port serial card in your PC or other multi-port device.

    This product is available and supported by us worldwide!

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