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ProEZNC - ProEZNC is an RS232 DNC communication software program designed specifically for sending and receiving NC Gcode files between your PC and your CNC machine tools. It has been thoroughly tested on Win95, Win98, WinNT4, Win2000 WinXP, Vista & Win7. It allows you to easily send or receive NC programs between up to 64 CNC machines and your computer. Its also designed to be easy to use - it has a clear user interface, with only a few buttons to press and large fonts so its really easy to see. Operators not used to computers will love this.
ProEZNC interface - easy two button DNC send and DNC receive
Once you have setup all the RS232 CNC parameters it really could not be easier. All you have to do is click either the green "SEND" or red "RECEIVE" buttons!
CNC DNC Receive Settings
ProEZNC Receive Properties
Strip Everything Before Character When you get your CNC to send a file back to ProEZNC, it may also send out a series of control-codes before it sends the main body of the program. In many case you could safely leave these in the file. Then if you need to send the file back to your CNC these control code would be sent back as well. However, in just as many cases these control-codes will error out the CNC control. For example, on older Fanucs, they send out a sequence of garbage containing &HE: You send this back and the CNC may alarm. You are therefore better off stripping these control codes out of the file totally. All you need to do is enter the ASCII value of the last character in the sequence you want to discard. Everything up to and including this character will be ignored by ProEZNC and not saved to disk.

Strip Everything After Character In much the same way as a CNC may send out control-codes before the main body of the program, it can also send a series of codes after the file. We would recommend that you discard these characters and dont save them to disk. All you need to do is enter the ASCII value of the first character in the sequence you want to discard. Everything after and including this character will be ignored by ProEZNC and not saved to disk.

Discard Characters As an alternative to the two methods described above, you could choose to discard characters automatically. You have 3 options for this setting All Nulls - This options automatically strips out all null characters from your received file Characters 0 to 31 - This option automatically strips out all non-printables between 0 (null) and 31, excluding CR and LF {None} - The file is left alone

End Of Block The text files that you have stored on your computer have each line ending in a pair of invisible control-codes called carriage-return (CR) and line-feed (LF). In general Fanucs use either LF/CR/CR or LF, Haas use CR/LF and Fadal use CR. ProEZNC can autodetect these end-of-blocks, but if you like you can specify it yourself, should you encounter any difficulty. In general, you would use the same EOB to send as that to receive.

Wait For After Receiving File This is the time that ProEZNC gives the CNC between sending any of its data. If its longer than this ProEZNC assumes that transfer has stopped because it has not received any data within this time. The minimum value is 5 seconds. This also gives you time to cancel the file and so the file is not saved away.

Show Data Being Received With Best EOB CNC machines can send out their data with different EOB or End Of Block character sequences. Because computers always use CR/LF then the data received sometimes looks strange because the CNC may use CR or LF or LF/CR/CR. You would see this as either one long string or double spaced. If you check this option then the data stream is changed on the fly by ProEZNC so that it looks correct. This is purely visual as ProEZNC always SAVES the file away with CR/LF. These changes on the fly will take extra processing, so if you get missing characters on your display you should turn this option off.
CNC DNC Receive Settings
ProEZNC CNC Save-all Properties
CNC Save-All You can setup the CNC Save-All parameters so that it is possible to just dump out all your programs from your CNC and automatically save each of these files with the CNC program number or comment. A couple of parameters are necessary...

Before Program # Type Fanucs use either the : or the O before a program number, Haas use : You can choose these from the list.

After Program # Type There are usually 2 scenarios for the Fanuc program number line. It can contain just the program number or it can also contain a comment. Choose from the list either {Nothing}, when there is no comment on the line, or {Bracket Comment}. ProEZNC will extract the program numbers from the data stream off the CNC and store them in the proper 4 digit numbered file.

Examples. If the program number line is just like this >> O1234 Choose "O" and {Nothing}. This will simply extract the program number inside the code and store it away. Here it is the program 1234.

If the program number line is just like this >> O1234(BIG WIDGET) Choose "O" and {Bracket Comment}. This will simply extract the program number inside the code and store it away. Here it is the program 1234. However, in this case you can tick "Use Comment As Program Number" and the file will be saved away as BIG WIDGET

Strip Out % Symbols On some Fanucs there are just % at the top and bottom of the data stream, on some there are % at the top and bottom of each of the programs in the data stream off the CNC. It's up to you how you play it, but we recommend that you delete all the %'s and send them back later as headers and trailers for each individual file.

Strip Out Blank Lines It's possible for blank lines at the top of each file which is OK, but we recommend you strip out blank lines from the received files. It usually makes no difference either way, Fanuc's dont care about blank lines.

After Receiving Files After receiving all the files off your Fanuc, you can show a confirmation message showing the files that have been stored away.
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